06:09 - 28/11/2012Willow & Qi
Hi Razz, Willow was asking about you today. Sending you, the band and your new family all the best. Thank you for lots of special memories!
Much love Qi & Willow XOX
10:47 - 09/10/2012gitar dersi
Hi you jealous as a music educator in turkey has a shortage of musical instruments and music system good subcontracted work you are very lucky in this regard thanks
04:04 - 31/05/2012Heather
Razz we miss you and the band so much! Any plans for a Brisbane tour? All our love Heather, Isla and Nevie xxxxxx
04:04 - 31/05/2012Heather
Razz we miss you and the band so much! Any plans for a Brisbane tour? All our love Heather, Isla and Nevie xxxxxx
06:47 - 30/11/2011sippy rudy
Hello Mighty Buzzniks. Rudy Trubitt, late of The Sippy Cups here. Just learned about you from seeing To The Moon from the Zooglobble blog. I love it! Hope you come to California someday, be sure to keep in touch.
00:39 - 22/11/2011Rachel
Hi Buzzniks. Thanks for your rockin' concert at the Little West Festival this weekend! Robot Kevin is our new favourite song - on repeat!!!...the little ones like it too! :)
12:10 - 17/05/2011rebecca
Thanks so much to Jamie for reminding me and kids at Ferny Creek about the "music" in music.
09:50 - 11/05/2011Hoopy Hayley
When is your next album coming out??!
09:48 - 11/05/2011Hoopy Hayley
HI! I'm your new biggest fan! I love to be a bug and i love that song! it's flamenco-tastic! I just had the best birthday party rockin out to your toones, me and my friends LOVE your album and now they think I'm really cool he he! By the way, it was my 27th Birthday! Keep up the amazing work BUZZNIKS!
00:10 - 30/11/2010Fergus
Hi buzzniks. We loved your concert on the train at Queenscliff. It was so much fun and the CD we bought is awesome.
07:58 - 14/09/2010Quinn
hey guys nice music,
keep up the good work
00:43 - 12/07/2010Jeremy
Hello my name is Jeremy
I am a student leader and also helping to co-ordinate the up coming Arts Festival. My school is called Corpus Christi, Glenroy. I was wondering if you were avaliable to perform. My school is having an arts festival this term in week nine during the 7-9th of September. This could be a night time performance on the 9th or a daytime performance on the 7th and 8th.If you were avaliable could you please notify me by the 19th of July and we would like to know what is the pricing for your performance.
Thank you
06:34 - 05/07/2010Melinda
Sorry I missed your gig yesterday!
Heard it was awesome!!!
I won't miss you guys next time! Be Mighty!!
06:11 - 05/07/2010Miche
loved the gig yesterday. Really Good
01:29 - 18/06/2010Ella
Dear cousin Emma and all the buzzniks,I love dancing around my playroom to all of your songs. "To the moon" is my favourite one.
love Ella
01:27 - 18/06/2010HispOptiguitO
Great web-site!!! You did an amazing job!!! I enjoyed watching the videos!!! You guys are great!
Talking about ideas, there's this really good show, which I like a lot, and I'm sure you've heared about it. It's called STOMP. What these guys do is so cool, I saw them live in NY. I'm sure you can do the same and even better. It really turns people on. Just an idea, hope it could be any helpful.
01:23 - 18/06/2010Shirley
After seeing you at the speigeltent yesterday, we've been bopping around at home to the cd, an absolute blast!!!! Foolishly I didn't think about Christmas shopping when I bought the cd but we'll be off to the abc shop to buy more buzznik cds for all the little cousins.
Thanks so much for the great music and a fun show.
Brett, Shirley, Jasmine and Patrick
01:20 - 18/06/2010Blake, Mel & Pete
We love, love, love your cd and can't wait to get next one. Blake especially likes "To the Moon" which has now replaced "Twinkle Twinkle little star" as the essential bedtime song. So wonderful to enjoy some intelligent creative lyrics to kids songs.
01:18 - 18/06/2010Fiona Green
Your music is brilliant! Maddy and I thoroughly enjoy it. We look forward tp seeing you play in November. Please add me to your mailing list!
01:06 - 18/06/2010Helen Whitelaw
Hey There Jamie, Shelley & Jida
I am Katie's mum & wanted to say thanks for inviting us to Jida's wonderful birthday party & also the gift of the Mighty Buzzniks CD. Visualize Katie & I dancing around the lounge room, thoroughly groovin' along to the awesome tunes, we really love it. Hopefully one day soon we can get to a gig. And of course, Katie now thinks the song "Katie the spider" is about her!!
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